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Eric Wittkopf – Photographer – Designer

Hey, my name is Eric.

I had my first photographic experience in my early childhood and fell in love with it. While my semester abroad in Canada, I became serious about photography and began exploring nature and it's living beings. 

While studying, I learned that conceptual design is a framework for establishing the underlying idea behind a design and a plan for how it will be expressed visually. It needs to be logical, evoke meaning and achieve originality. That's how I focus on my work. 

Nature's elements give me creative support, whether in the air with drones or underwater with a diving case. I'm drawn to movements and emotions. My passion for nature and sports has also driven me to create my own clothing brand, Sprayhood. 

Let your eyes wander over my work and give me a challenging task. Tasks are only the solutions to problems that have not yet been tackled.

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